St. George Foundation Celebrate International Women’s Day

International women’s day celebration was a day set aside by the United Nations to recognized and appreciate womanhood. Women around the world are celebrated for their exceptional role in societal growth and development. Against this backdrop, SGF organized a day dialogue session with women in the slum communities within Freetown. Madam Justina Zainab Conteh asked the women and girls […]

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Access to Justice

In our access to justice program, we raise awareness on referral pathways on gender-based violence, child abuse and other forms of human rights violation among rural and urban people and create a platform for Alternative Dispute Resolution using community structures. We de-mystify access to justice for women and other vulnerable groups such as the disabled

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Livelihood Programmes

Saint George Foundation Sierra Leone helps young women, caregivers, pimps and families to establish and participate in economic groups such as the Village Saving and Loan (VSL) scheme. Our VSL approach combines secure ways of saving, practice in money management, access to small amounts of capital for investment and business skills training. Saint George Foundation

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At Saint George Foundation Sierra Leone, good nutrition is a building block for proper development and strengthens the immune system, enhances cognitive and physical development and increases the concentration in schools. Children who are unfortunate to get the foods and nutrients necessary to maintain proper nutrition are denied all the benefits. Our programme helps to

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Sustainable Agriculture

Saint George Foundation Sierra Leone strives to help smallholder farmers improve farm productivity through IVS development while at the same time aiming to increase off-farm employment opportunities and, through social protection, find better ways for our project communities to manage and cope with risks in their environment. Increasing community participation in food and agricultural systems

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Child Healthcare Programmes

It is widely known that healthy children have a better chance of overcoming poverty and leading happier lives. Our programmes focus on the overall health of children in need by supporting their right to a healthy start in life through improving family and community health practices, reinforcing their capacities to participate in health system management

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Child Protection

Our Child Protection programme is about keeping children and young people safe. We run Child Protection programmes such as family tracing and reunification (FTR) and psychosocial support in Sierra Leone designed to make a lasting difference in children’s lives. We provide alternative care for children exposed to vulnerabilities like being in conflict with the law,

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