Our Child Protection programme is about keeping children and young people safe. We run Child Protection programmes such as family tracing and reunification (FTR) and psychosocial support in Sierra Leone designed to make a lasting difference in children’s lives.

We provide alternative care for children exposed to vulnerabilities like being in conflict with the law, abandoned children, rape victims, stigmatised as a result of superstitious associations, trafficking and orphans.

We promote fostering of children and strengthen Child Protection System in the communities we work.

We revive children’s hopes through family tracing and reunification processes along with continuous follow-up and support on children’s wellbeing and education.  

We raise awareness on referral pathways, gender-based violence, child abuse and other forms of human right violations in communities we work, and create a platform for Alternative Dispute Resolution using community structures.

We demystify access to justice for women and other vulnerable groups such as the disabled to secure justice and protection through our community engagement campaign on ‘Know and Promote your Rights’.