Create and Promote Partnerships for Sustainability and effective service delivery

In addressing today’s child protection challenges, no one organization has the mandate, capacity, or resources to bring about systemic, transformative change on its own. The only way to achieve these goals is through partnerships and increased cooperation. Thus, preventing child abuse and neglect is a shared goal of human service organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, medical facilities, businesses, government MDAs, CSOs, and other organizations and requires a threefold approach of transformative partnerships.

Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which is focused on international partnerships and the mobilization of financial resources, serves as a reminder that partnerships are crucial to expediting the attainment of the SDGs.

We will strengthen our current partnerships and establish new ones to protect, promote, and support the well-being of children and vulnerable adults and long-term sustainability for activities through resource mobilization and sustainable funding models such as transformative partnerships, event revenues, and individual and corporate sponsorships.

We will explore new ways to improve collaboration with cooperating institutions and businesses, large and small, to achieve our mission.

Our Objectives