St. George Foundation Celebrate International Women’s Day

International women’s day celebration was a day set aside by the United Nations to recognized and appreciate womanhood. Women around the world are celebrated for their exceptional role in societal growth and development. Against this backdrop, SGF organized a day dialogue session with women in the slum communities within Freetown. Madam Justina Zainab Conteh asked the women and girls present to explain what they know about this day and how they as women have benefited from International women’s day celebrations over the years.
Mariama Kanu, a resident from Temne Town said, ”this day is commemorated to honor and celebrate women and girls and appreciate their tremendous contributions towards societal development”. Zainab Bangura, another caregiver from Kington Bumeh further stressed that ”women have been neglected for far too long and this day is set aside to honor their contributions to society. ‘This day is set aside to honor the contributions of women to the development of our society…”. She further lamented that ”…women have to believe in themselves and stop belittling themselves in society”.
”Women can achieve anything once they put their mind to it” said Director of St. George Foundation . This dialogue session gave women and girls the platform to clearly understand the importance of this day and what they as women should do to make their lives better.

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