Our Programs

Promote Gender Equality and Sustainable Livelihood

We are committed to addressing the interconnected challenges faced by children in Sierra Leone, including child labor, FGM, early marriage, and poverty.

Support Integrated Child Protection and Education

We are dedicated to sustainable well-being for vulnerable individuals and Our approach focuses on fostering economic and gender empowerment.

Create and Promote Partnerships for Sustainability

We are committed to collaborative solutions for child protection. Partnering with diverse organizations, we ensure the well-being of  vulnerable individuals

Provide Academic Education and Life Skill Trainings

We help train life skills through team work, sports, and we help the children back into local schools. The children learn self-discipline and acceptable behavior through routines.

Provide Safe and Welcoming Home

We provide the children with a safe and stress-free environment, where they can feel belonged and receive care, and counseling, balanced and nutritious diet.

Rehabilitate Health and Social Well-being:

We build each child’s self-esteem, and teach tolerance and respect for those around them. Hardest challenge is to re-move any stigma of being a street child or and Ebola survivor.

Identify Children at Risk

We identify children who are marginalized, abandoned, living in the street and, or exposed to other forms of violence, abuse and cruelty. We understand vulnerability as any circumstance undermining the wellbeing and dignity of women and children. Since 2005, we have rehabilitated and revitalized the lives of over 2,000 children across Sierra Leone.

Trace Family and Reunite

Within one year, we reunify the children with their natural families (or a foster family if tracing fails). We continue to sponsor children to continue formal education after reunification. We traced and reunified nearly all our first intake with their families in 2005. We’ve since continued the cycle with new girls, often from prostitution, and new boys from street gangs. To date, over 1,000 children have been given a new life.