Support Integrated Child Protection and Education

Child Protection and Education are crucial for children’s well-being. SGF aims to promote child protection and increase access to quality education. Effective protection against abuse and exploitation increases children’s chances of developing healthy, happy, and proactive individuals. The education program focuses on school enrolment, retention, and providing materials to children living and working on the street. All children have the right to protection from violence, exploitation, neglect, and abuse, and quality, safe, and culturally responsive education is itself protective (UNCRC). We ensure that the best place for every child is the family, looking at the family at the centre in providing a safe environment and non-discrimination for all children.

We will offer case management services and psychosocial support for children living and working on the street. We will provide protection mechanisms, reintegration with families, and education. We will build community capacities to raise awareness of child protection issues through community networks, training, and referrals. We will also conduct awareness campaigns targeting children and adults. Working together in an integrated, purposeful way, we will achieve our mission and create broader impacts for children, indigenous people, and local communities.

Our Objectives