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From Crisis to Hope:
Supporting Sierra Leone's
Children Since 2004

Saint George Foundation, a child-focused charity Local Non-Government Organization (NGO), established in 2004 in response to the need to improve the life chances of children whose future and wellbeing had been compromised by the eleven-year civil war and whose circumstances continued to be precarious because of their social circumstances.

Since 2004 to the present, Saint George Foundation Sierra Leone has been reacting to the changing circumstances of children, especially in the western area of Sierra Leone, in partnership with the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, and Children’s Affairs (MSWGCA), primarily working to support homeless and street children. We belong to the Child Protection Committee and the Family Tracing, the Child Right Coalition  and Reunification (FTR)Group.

Our Mission is to protect, support, and promote the well-being of children and vulnerable adults so they can be self-reliant and resilient through welfare and social support services.

Putting Children First

We believe in children, and we want what’s best for them

Working together

We always achieve more by working together.

We strive for Inclusiveness

We promotes inclusive, equal participation across all societal sections.

We value Respect

We respect colleagues, partners, and communities and treat others with dignity and consideration.

We strive for Transparency

Our affairs will demonstrate openness, subject to scrutiny by peers, partners, the public, and communities.

Thriving for Excellence

We do the best we can, to give every child the start in life they deserve. We prioritizes originality, quality, and excellence in work and affairs.

Our Programs

Promote Gender Equality and Sustainable Livelihood

We are committed to addressing the interconnected challenges faced by children in Sierra Leone, including child labor, FGM, early marriage, and poverty.

Support Integrated Child Protection and Education

We are dedicated to sustainable well-being for vulnerable individuals and Our approach focuses on fostering economic and gender empowerment.

Create and Promote Partnerships for Sustainability

We are committed to collaborative solutions for child protection. Partnering with diverse organizations, we ensure the well-being of  vulnerable individuals

Support communities in Western Area
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Educational support to vulnerable children
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Children with family tracing, mediations, and reunification
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Village Savings and Loan Groups to women

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